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a. Registrations are accepted until October 7, 2018
b. Participant can apply through internet homepage. http://marathon.munhwa.com
c. Click the button for registration and fill in the form.
d. Payments can be made by bank transfers or using credit cards.
- Bank Transfer
Name of bank: HANA BANK
Account Number: 273-810006-19604
Account Holder: MUNHWAILBO
Address of Bank : 101-1, 1KA EULJI-RO, CHUNG-KU, SEOUL, KOREA
Address of MUNHWAILBO: 68, Chungjeong-ro 1-Ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-723, Korea
※ Entry fee must be transferred in your own name.
※ If there is a difference between a participant and a remitter, please send the transfer receipt for the
confirmation to the e-mail (marathon@peace-marathon.co.kr)
e. Entry Fee : 45,000 KRW for full-course divison,
                40,000 KRW for half-course & 10km course division,
                35,000 KRW for 6km-course division.
f. Please confirm your information after completing all the procedures.
g. If you want to modify your information, e-mail us at marathon@peace-marathon.co.kr.
But when registration period is over, you can not change your information.
h. Further information
E-mail : intoin@theintoin.com
Tel : 82-2-1666-1062(operation office)

Participants must consider their own physical conditions before application. Please check if your body condition is up to the physical requirements to run the race. The organizers are only responsible for within the limitation of insurance regarding injuries and accidents along with first aids. The organizers purchase insurance for all participants and place ambulances through out the course and the finish line. The organizers are not responsible beyond the insurance coverage.

The race number and other packages will be delivered to your address before the race day. If you do not have an address in Korea, you can pick up at Information center nearby Start point on the race day(Oct 7th). Please write down your name, blood type and emergency contact number of families or friends clearly on the back of the bib.

Marathon course officially closes 5 hours after the starting time. If a runner fails to pass the checkpoint within the time limit, participants should take the sweep bus. All participants must finish the race within 5 hours for full-course division, 2 hours and 30 minutes for half-course division, 1 hour and 30 minutes for 10km and 1 hour for 5km division. The organizer is not liable for any accidents that may occur in case you keep on running.

After the race, Every runner will not be given a chip. (We used disposal chip.) And your net running time can only be measured when you step on the contact mats laid out on the start and finish lines. You will be disqualified if your intermediate times are not recorded and record certificate will not delivered to you after the race.

Time limit


September 7th

Refund of 100% of the entry fee

September 8th

But you can receive the souvenir

The Peace Marathon 2018 may share your personal information with our sponsors and cooperative companies for better services. We do not open to the public your personal information for other commercial purpose to the other person, company or institution. However, if the participant violates the general statements and agreements, damages other people, or does an offence against public moral, the Organizer may open the participant's personal information for the legal actions.

The organizers purchase insurance for all participants regarding injuries and accidents during the race. The insurance covers accidental death and disability during the marathon, disease-related death and fracture surgery. Disclaimer) Accidental Death and Disease-related Death Under 15 years and Disease-related Death Over 80 years.

I agree to the statement above.      I agree to the insurance coverage.

내국인(local), 외국인(foreigner)
Birth Number
Passport Number
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